The Hall Of Faith – Run With Perseverance

This station follows the talk “The Hall Of Faith

Resources Needed:

  • Running Shoe Colouring Sheets – Google: “Running Shoe Coloring Sheet” as the American spelling brings up a wider variety of options
  • Pens/Felt Tips

We used the example of Mo Farah winning the 5,000m at the World Championships in Moscow as the race happened in the week before our service. You may want to change it to a different runner/event.

We also printed a couple of pictures from the race to help set the scene

Printed Instructions:

Last week Mo Farah ran a brilliant race in Moscow to win the 5,000m world title. It was an epic race that went right down to the wire and something that Mo had trained for months and months.

You can’t just turn up at a 5,000m world championships without training and expect to win. Winning depends on lots of hard work and perseverance, a daily commitment to training.

Colour in your running shoe and on the back write a short prayer asking God to help you to run the race he has set before you with perseverance.