The Peace

Resources needed:

  • None


Many churches would be familiar with the idea of “sharing the peace” with one another. As we come to worship together today we are going to do this but we’re going to do it slightly differently.

Normally the person at the front would say something like “The peace of the Lord be always with you”, the congregation would respond with “And also with you” and then we would move around the room shaking hands and greeting people with “The peace of the Lord”.

Today we’re going to do something similar but it will be in silence! I’ll say, out loud to you: “The peace of the Lord be always with you” and I’d like you to respond by saying “And also with you” silently, in your head.

Then I’d like you to go round and greet people around the room but without talking – you can greet them with a handshake, a high five, a fist-bump, a hug or however you both feel comfortable but it must be silent.

Are you ready? The peace of the Lord be always with you…

Allow people a couple of minutes to greet others silently and then wrap things up with a prayer thanking God for his peace and his presence with us.