The Who, Where and What of God

Who- The Name of God

“If God is who he is, then who am I?”

Resources Needed:

·      Pipe cleaners

  1. Here are some words that represent God. Try to model the words with a pipe cleaner: Shield, Rock, Healer, Creator, Comforter, Shelter, Prince of Peace, Father, Abba, The Way, Light of the World, Shepherd, King of Kings E.g. a crown, a shield
  2. Now think: “If God is like that, what does that make me?” Remodel your pipe cleaner to represent that. E.g. If God is a shield then I am safe

Where- Sent By God

“If God sends, where should I go?”

Resources Needed:

·      Scissors

·      Pre-cut envelopes (if you have young children)

·      Find/draw an envelope template (you could always unfold an envelope as a guide)

·      Pens

  1. Grab an envelope template and draw yourself on the inside. Label it with what you can bring to anywhere God sends you e.g. your skills and gifts
  2. Cut and fold your paper to make an envelope. Ask God where He might be sending you and address the envelope to there e.g. your school, workplace, neighbourhood. Why not hand deliver it there this week as a symbol of your commitment to being sent there?


What- God Listens

“If God listens, what should I say?”

Resources Needed:

  • Microphone- it is best if it is a sensitive one
  • Headphones

Set up a microphone with some headphones attached to it (preferably in a separate room to where most people in the congregation are. This is because if your microphone is very sensitive then a noisy room will pick up too many sounds.)

  1. Put the headphones on and listen to the noises/conversations of others in the same room. Try getting someone to whisper very quietly and see if you can hear it through the headphones. Can you repeat what they said? If your microphone is not very sensitive, then have the person wearing the headphones look away while someone says something into the microphone. Can the person with the headphones on repeat what was said?
  2. God can hear every tiny whisper we ever say. What do you want to say to Him today?