To Do List (Advent 2, Year C)

These stations were designed for the talk “An Unexpected Messenger” but could be adapted to other Advent talks.

We often have lots to prepare for Christmas. Many of us will even have a to-do list. Today’s activities are a bit of an alternative to-do list that you can go around and do on your own, as a family or with friends.

Each group or individual takes a printed “to-do list” (Download “To Do List”) with three tasks “Write Christmas Cards”  “Tidy Up” and “Decorations”. Each task is at a different table and must be completed before it can be ticked off the list.

“Tidy Up”

Resources Needed:

  • Three or four sets of printed toy sheets (Download “Tidy Up”) printed on different colour card so it is obvious which object belongs to which set. Three or four sets mean that more than one person or group can be doing the activity at the same time.

Printed Instructions:

Everyone needs to tidy up now and again. John the Baptist invited people to tidy up their lives, asking God’s forgiveness for the wrong things that they had done.

“Tidy up” the toys on the table so that the words make a short prayer. Say that prayer either out loud or in silence knowing that when we confess the things that we’ve done wrong to God he forgives us completely.

Once you’ve finished “mess up” the toys again so that the next person can have go at tidying them.

“Write Christmas Cards”

  • Resources needed:
  • Enough blank Christmas cards for every person to write one
  • Pens
  • Some string strung up on the wall for people to hang their cards on. You might want to have two or three rows if you have a lot of people.

Printed Instructions:

The average person in the UK sends 19 Christmas cards, some send lots more than that as cards are a great way to connect with people who are far away from us.

John the Baptist challenged the people to turn back to God, to reconnect with him. Take a few minutes to write out a short prayer to God on one of the Christmas cards asking him to help you to sense his presence with you more during Advent.

Once you’ve written your card hang it on our Christmas card wall with the other cards.


Resources needed:

  • Plain white cards with large circles drawn on each as outlines for the baubles
  • Hole punch
  • Strips of Ribbon (for hanging the baubles)
  • Scissors
  • Felt tip pen/glitter pens.


  • Tissue Paper (red, gold and green)
  • Glue
  • Stick on gems etc (you can find these on Amazon or in craft stores)

It is helpful to have a couple of example pieces ready so that people have an idea of what to do.

Printed Instructions:

“Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favour rests.”

Create a Christmas tree bauble that you can hang on your tree at home as a reminder that we can have peace with God. Why not use the words from the angels in the verse above on one side and the image of a dove or an angel on the other side. Take your bauble home with you to hang on your tree.