What Are The Desires Of Your Heart?

What are you chasing after?


  • A pre-made collage of things that people strive for e.g. sex, money, drugs, promotion
  • Quiet Space
  • Chairs


Put out the collage in a quiet place where people sitting in the chairs can see it. This prayer station is simply giving people a space to pray and reflect on what they are striving for.


How long does what you long for last?


  • Pegs
  • Twine/ Washing line
  • Cards with instructions of what to draw


Put up the twine and peg the cards with instructions of what to draw. Ask the congregation to pick up a card and draw what it describes e.g. ‘a giant rainbow, a roman castle’. Then they should go back to the twine  line and peg up their drawing where they think that it should go. Label the twine line with ‘blink and you miss it’ on a card at one end and ‘lasts forever’ on the other end as a guide. Ask the congregation to think and pray about the things that they long for. Are they chasing things that last, things that are worthwhile e.g. a friendship with God.

A bubble bath
A friendship with God


A giant rainbow

A Jar of Jam
A Roman Castle
A Rusty Car

Discussion Questions:

  1. What are the things you find yourself running after? Do they satisfy?
  2. What does it mean to be blessed?
  3. What does Jesus’ teaching mean for people who aren’t hungry, weeping etc.? Should we seek to be hungry, heated etc.? Why/ why not?