Who is the Real VIP?

The VIP Entrance Is Set For Jesus But It’s Looking A Bit Messy!

Resources Needed:

  • Lots of screwed up pieces of paper
  • Bin
  • Broom (optional)
  • Things to look like a red carpet e.g. a red carpet/rug, roped off area

Ask the congregation to pick up one of the bits of rubbish and write on it something in their life that needs to go to make room for Jesus.

Once they have written it then get them to put it into the bin.

The Photographers Are Ready But There’s Someone In The Way! 

Resources Needed:

  • A Card with the word Jesus written on it
  • A Camera that the congregation can use

Get the congregation to pair up. One of the pair should take the Jesus card and hold it in front of their face whilst the other takes a photo of them. Then they should swap around.

Ask the group if there are places in their lives where they are making themselves famous, rather than making Jesus famous?

A VIP Must Always Look Their Best!

Jesus said that when we serve other people, we serve Him.

Resources Needed:

  • Shoe polish or antibacterial wipes
  • Bin

Get your congregation to help smarten someone else up by cleaning their shoes. If they’re able, ask them to try kneeling to clean the person’s shoes as it helps us understand being humble.Whilst they’re cleaning the shoes, ask them to reflect on how it feels to serve others and Jesus.